PUNK in French - since 1979

Bob Seytor: Vocals
James Neligan: Guitar
John Baine: Bass (1979/2007)
Daniel Wang: Drums (1980-1981/2007)

Éric Lemaître(†): Guitar (1979-2012)
Jo Fontainhas: Drums (1979-1980)
Guy “Molotof” Delcroix: Bass (1979-1981)

CONTINGENT is formed in 1979, from the association between the ex-members of TRADEMARK, Éric Lemaître (Guitar) and Jo Fontainhas (Drums) with Bob “Killer” Seytor (Vocals) and English bassist / violinist John “Opposition” Baine. In August, bassist Guy Delcroix aka “Molotoff”, replaces John, who goes back to England to begin his activist poet career as “Attila The Stockbroker”. In September 1980 I replace their drummer Jo. We rehearse almost daily in a squat in the heart of the Marolles in Brussels…     


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